What is reflux?

Does your baby vomit frequently after their feeds? It’s very common for newborn babies to vomit straight after a feed and it’s usually something that gets better as they get older and their muscles develop. It usually stops by their first birthday. 

  • They vomit during or after their feeds
  • They cough during their feeds
  • They arch their back during feeding
  • They cry, are unsettled or irritable during or after feeding
  • They may not be gaining much weight

Some babies have symptoms of reflux, but they don’t vomit. This is known as silent reflux and can be managed in the same way. 

Reflux symptoms are usually easy to manage yourself without needing to see the GP.

Tips to manage reflux

  • Feeding your baby in a more upright position and keeping them upright after their feed
  • If you are formula feeding, offer smaller volumes of milk, feed more often and pace the feed to allow them to take regular breaks
  • Speak to your health visitor for advice and support and before changing your baby’s formula milk


When to see your GP

If your baby experiences any of the following symptoms take them to see your GP as it may be a sign that there’s an underlying condition. 

  • Losing weight or not gaining weight
  • Vomit is green, yellow or has blood in it
  • Poo has blood in it
  • Vomiting forcefully (projectile vomiting) 
  • Symptoms start after they’re 6 months old 
  • Symptoms continue after they are 1 year of age
  • If the self-help measures are not helping your baby and you are worried, or you feel that your baby’s symptoms are getting worse

Always remember that you know your baby better than anyone else.