What is baby massage?

Baby massage can be a wonderful way for you and other family members to bond with your new baby. It's also a great skill to learn to aid with various ailments such as colic, wind, constipation and physical development of their brain and flexibility. 

Many babies find the series of gentle movements across their skin very relaxing so it can also assist with healthy sleep routines.


There are a number of things you need to consider before you get started.

Baby massage oils

You will need an oil to prevent friction on your babies skin. We recommend you do a patch test to ensure your baby doesn't react and always warm the oil up in your hands before you start. (Don't use too much as this will make your baby very slippery to pick up when you're finished).

Oils to use:

The best oils to use are natural, plant based oils as these are the most gentle on our skin and won't cause harm in digested.



Fractionated coconut (can be sourced in health food shops)

Oils NOT to use:

Essential oils (scent is often too strong and many advise not to be used directly on skin)

Emollients (as these can clog pores during massage)

Nut or wheatgerm based (they can cause allergic reactions)

Olive, mustard or mineral

Ensure your baby is comfortable

  • Choose a room your baby will be warm enough naked in and lay them on a change mat covered in a soft towel.
  • Make sure you are in comfortable clothes and your hair is tied back if it's long.
  • Have a nappy, wipes and clothes ready for your baby for when you have finished.

Don't massage your baby:

  • straight after a feed
  • if they're tired or hungry
  • if they're unwell
  • if they have any open wounds on their skin