Information about transitioning from children’s continence services to adult continence services.

You have previously been under the care of the children’s continence service and have now reached adulthood.

Your care will now be provided by the adult continence service who will contact you once a year to review if the products provided are still meeting your needs.

As an adult there are usually fewer changes required to the size of your products.

If you are having any problems and require a review sooner, you can contact by telephone or email  

01773 546868

No, the way you order the products will be the same only your ID number will change

We will send you a letter with your new Adult ID number and you will continue to order your products every 3 months.

Product ordering number:  0800 030 4466

The adult continence service covers the whole of Derbyshire and have 24 clinic venues across the county. You can find further information about our service