Who is the Co-ParentPad for?

The Co-ParentPad is for all non-birthing parents who identify as LGBTQI+.  Whether they are about to become a first-time parent and however the new baby is arriving within their family, the Co-ParentPad is here to help.

What topics does the Co-ParentPad cover?

The A4-sized hard-copy Co-ParentPad currently covers the following topics:

  • Personalising your care: knowing how to prepare yourself and your partner for your pregnancy journey
  • Supporting your partner during labour: learning more about your role as a birth partner
  • Holding: how to hold your baby in a safe and secure way
  • Changing: how to change a nappy
  • Cleaning: how to wash and bath your baby
  • Crying: coping with and caring for a crying baby
  • Feeding: a detailed overview of breast-/chest-feeding and bottle-feeding, for both feeding and non-feeding parents
  • Sleeping: safer sleep practice and coping without sleep
  • Bonding: ideas on how to create a good bond and secure attachment with your baby
  • Supporting each other: looking at perinatal mental health, relationships and surviving the first few months as a new parent.

You will be given a printed copy of the Co-ParentPad by your Health Visitor.