Making sure you have a balanced and healthy diet during pregnancy not only keeps you fit and healthy, but ensures you’re giving your baby the best start in life by giving them all the nutrients they need to grow and develop.

Before conceiving and during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy we recommend all mothers take folic acid as this is a key nutrient for the development of your baby’s nervous system. Tommy’s has lots of information about the importance of folic acid.

Vitamin D is another key vitamin which helps bone strength, heart health and more.

Check out healthy eating in pregnancy for more ways to keep you and your baby healthy during pregnancy.

You should be able to continue working throughout your pregnancy, unless you have any underlying health problems. 

Ensure you tell your employee about your pregnancy when you’re ready, many choose to wait until their first scan. This way you can ensure they know how to support you, can run any risk assessments required to keep you safe and plan any time off you require for antenatal classes and midwife appointments.

You can find out all you need to know about pregnancy at work from the Health and Safety Executive.

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