A new perinatal mental health campaign has been launched by Derbyshire Family Health Service to shed light on the challenges many people face during the early stages of parenthood, whilst also providing practical self-care advice and support to parents.

The campaign, called Bump in the Road, includes a podcast series featuring candid conversations with fellow parents, health visitors, and health psychologists, as well as online resources: Parent and carer mental health (derbyshirefamilyhealthservice.nhs.uk).

Image of a man and woman holding a baby. The text says what is the perinatal period? It's the time from pregnancy until your baby is 1. It is a time of huge change, It can be hard.

Dr Claire Scothern, a clinical psychologist at Derbyshire Family Health Service, said: “Pregnancy and parenting can be an incredible journey, but it also comes with its share of bumps and hurdles. From sleepless nights to navigating new responsibilities, many parents and carers find themselves grappling with the mental and emotional strains that come with having a baby, whether it’s their first, second or more.”

The Bump in the Road campaign aims to raise awareness of these struggles and provide parents and carers with the tools they need to prioritise their mental wellbeing. Through a combination of self-care practices, practical advice, and support resources, Derbyshire Family Health Service is dedicated to helping parents look after their mental wellbeing on their parenting journey.

The podcast episodes delve into a range of topics including managing stress and anxiety, seeking support when needed, and personal stories from other parents.

Image of a man holding a baby and smiling. Next to them is written: It's normal to have a bump in the road. You might ask, what is my relationships suffer? What is I feel like I can't cope? What if I hurt my baby? What if my baby gets taken away?

"We understand that the journey into parenthood can be both rewarding and challenging," said Vicky McKie, a specialist health visitor supporting parent and carer mental health. "With the Bump in the Road campaign, we’re aiming to create practical support to help parents and carers feel empowered to prioritise their mental health and wellbeing. We also want them to know that they can reach out to us if they feel they need more support.

We want parents and carers to explore the resources available through the Derbyshire Family Health Service website and we hope that they provide the practical support to help those parents who are having a tough day,” says Vicky.

For more information about Bump in the Road, the services offered by Derbyshire Family Health Service, and to listen to the podcast, please visit our page: Parent and carer mental health (derbyshirefamilyhealthservice.nhs.uk)

The podcast series can also be found on Spotify and YouTube.

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