What is baby brain?

“The condition of forgetting things and not being able to think clearly that pregnant women are often said to experience,” Cambridge dictionary definition.

It’s unknown exactly what causes baby brain, but a fluctuation in hormones, the stress of planning for your baby’s arrival and sleep deprivation are often factors to consider.

There are many ways in which you can try to help baby brain:

  • Write lists – this will stop you forgetting things, but also takes the stress out of your head trying to remember everything

  • Make time for you –  your body is very busy in pregnancy, allowing your mind and body to rest is important

  • Get regular sleep – if you can try to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day your body is more likely to get into a rhythm of good sleep

  • Relax before bed – try a warm bath, read a book and switch off screens to give your brain the chance to calm down before sleep

  • Exercise – regular exercise is important for cognitive health, will help you stay strong for the birth of your baby and also aids good sleep

  • Ask for help – if you feel like you’re struggling please speak to a friend, your midwife or your GP, don’t suffer in silence