Your child's 2 year development review

When your child turns 2 years old, you’ll be offered two development reviews; one by early years' education, if they attend a nursery, pre-school or child-minder and one by your health visitor.

Each review is important and has a different focus on your child's progress and development. They'll identify your child’s progress, strengths and needs, so you, your health professional and education provider can support your child's health and wellbeing, learning, development and readiness to start school.

The health visitor review

When your child is between the age of 2 and 2 1/2 years old, your health visitor will contact you to arrange the health review. This usually takes place at a local clinic venue or your home. Your health visitor will supply you with two questionnaires, called the Ages and Stages Questionnaires, for you to complete before the appointment. 

The Ages and Stages Questionnaires (ASQ) 

These questionnaires are designed for you to complete. As parents or carers, you're best placed to comment on your child’s development because you know them better than anyone else. Your observations will focus on your child’s physical, social and emotional development.

Your health visitor will go through your completed questionnaire with you and also complete your child’s 2 year review, where you’ll discuss:

  • Your child’s current diet and any concerns you have around their nutrition  

  • Your child’s behaviour and normal expectations

  • Age appropriate play and stimulation and how you can continue to promote your child’s development

  • A growth review for your child

  • Your child’s next vaccinations 

  • Toilet training and information to support you if needed

  • Speech and language: your health visitor will talk to you about your child’s speech, language and communication, and will ask you some questions from the Early Language Identification Measure (ELIM). This is an assessment tool used across England and it will help us to accurately assess whether your child needs any further support in this area.

  • Your child’s sleep pattern and information that may support you should you have any concerns

  • Early years education and what provision is available to you locally if you’re not already accessing a nursery and/or childcare.

  • Your physical and mental health, your home and family dynamics and identify any support needs you might have

  • Your relationship with your child

  • Your child’s dental health, how to care for their teeth and the process for registering with a dentist

  • Safety in your home, car, in the sun and around pets as your child becomes increasingly more mobile

  • Signposting you to a range of community resources and additional information, support and advice in case of future need

  • Information about your child’s next routine health review 

  • Details of how to contact your health visitor

In Derbyshire, all families are entitled to up to 570 hours of free early education from the term following your child's third birthday.

Some families are also entitled to up to 15 hours free childcare a week for their 2 year old if you're on low incomes or certain benefits.

The Derbyshire County Council website has all the information you need to see if you qualify for free childcare before the age of 3 years old.


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