Should my child take vitamins?

The Department of Health recommend that all children from the age of 6 months to 5 years are given a daily vitamin supplement containing vitamins A, C and D.

Where can I get vitamins for my children?

Your health visitor or pharmacist can give you advice on vitamin drops for babies and young children.

You can find supplements containing the required vitamins in suitable amounts at pharmacies and other retailers.

Vitamin drops are also available from NHS health centres through the Healthy Start scheme and some families receiving certain benefits, may be entitled to free vitamin supplements and weekly vouchers to spend on milk, fruit and vegetables.

  • It is recommended that all breast fed babies are given a daily vitamin D supplement from birth even if you're taking a vitamin D supplement as a breastfeeding mum.
  • Formula fed babies don't usually need vitamin supplements until 1 year of age because their formula milk is already fortified with vitamin D and other nutrients they need. However, if you notice that your baby’s formula milk intake is below 500ml then it is recommended they're given a daily vitamin supplement containing vitamins A, C and D.

It is essential that growing children receive vitamins and minerals because their body needs them to work properly and for them to stay healthy.

You may be able to qualify for Healthy Start vouchers, which will also entitle you to free vitamin drops for your baby. 

Vitamin drops are particularly important for vegetarian and vegan children between 6 months and 5 years old, they may also need a vitamin B12 and vitamin D2 supplement.

If your child is older than this, speak to your GP or a dietician to see whether vitamin supplements should be included in your child’s diet.

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