Your baby’s first year review

Before your child’s first birthday your health visitor will contact you to arrange your baby’s next health review. 

This review usually takes place when your baby is around 10 months of age and will take place either in your home or at a local clinic venue. 

Before you see your health visitor they’ll ask you to complete two ages and stages questionnaires (ASQ) to note observations of your baby’s physical, emotional and social development. 

As parents or carers you are best placed to comment on your baby’s development because you know them better than anyone else. At the review you will discuss:

  • Current feeding, weaning progress and drinks for your baby
  • Development: looking at your completed ages and stages questionnaire
  • Behaviour and normal expectations
  • How you can continue to help your baby’s development through age appropriate play and stimulation
  • Growth review 
  • Vaccinations and how to manage your baby when they have been vaccinated
  • Your physical and mental health, your home and family dynamics, your plans to return to work and identify any support needs you might have
  • Dental health, how to care for your baby’s teeth and how to register with a dentist
  • Safety at home, in the car, with pets and in the sun 
  • Safety as your baby develops and becomes increasingly more mobile
  • A range of community resources and sources of additional information, support and advice 
  • Information about when your baby’s next routine health review will take place