Your baby’s first checks

Within your baby’s first three days they will be examined by a doctor or midwife either before you leave hospital or within the community if you had your baby at home.

Your health visitor will then visit you at home when your baby is around two weeks old to carry out their new baby review. 
When your baby is 6-8 weeks old your health visitor will visit you at home and they’ll also have a physical examination at your local GP surgery.  

Before your health visitor comes for your baby’s 6-8 week review they will ask you to complete the Ages and Stages questionnaire to note down observations of your baby’s development.

At the review your health visitor will talk about

  • Current feeding
  • Looking at your completed 'Ages and Stages' questionnaire
  • Behaviour and normal expectations of your baby
  • How you can help your baby’s development with age appropriate play and stimulation
  • Growth review
  • Vaccinations and how to manage your baby when they have been vaccinated
  • How you are feeling after giving birth and identify any support needs you might have 
  • Home and family dynamics and your relationship
  • Your physical and mental health
  • How and when to introduce solid foods and drinks for your baby
  • Dental health and how to care for your baby’s teeth
  • Safety at home, in the car, with pets and in the sun
  • Safety as your baby develops and becomes more mobile
  • Safe sleep guidelines
  • A range of community resources and sources of additional information, support and advice
  • Supply you with your baby’s 'Bookstart' pack
  • Information about when your baby’s next routine health review will take place
  • Provide you with contact details of how to contact your health visitor in case of need

Your baby’s appointment with the GP will take place at the GP Surgery. This is to review your baby’s physical development.

What will the GP check?

  • Eyes
  • Heart
  • Testicles (if you have a boy)

Depending upon the timing of your baby’s 6-8 week GP check, and your local surgery arrangements, your baby may be vaccinated on the same day or they may be given another appointment to return for their vaccinations.

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